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     TheGroup has jointly established "Green chemical research institute for Dongyingcity and Yellow River Delta" with the Beijing Chemical University that gathers hundreds of experts and professionals at home and abroad for economic construction, development and service in Dongying city, Yellow Blue Economic circle(referred to as (Yellow River mouth-to-Bohaisea area), and Bohai Sea’s economic circle.
Based on technology and talents from theGreen chemical research institute as the back force, and technical development and strength from the group’s Research and Development Center, proactively develops new products and innovates products’ differential function.
   The group takes full advantage of its chemicals (Potassium Formate, Sodium Formate) and fine chemical(PAM-Polyacrylamide) and its patents and technologies that have used in water treatment application technology, Polymer injection for oil displacement in tertiary process, chemicals for paper making, mineral separation, coal washing, etc. and becomes a technical solution provider integrated with  products, technology and service.

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