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OilGas and Petrochemical Equipment Manufacturing

The company have designed and manufactured all kinds of special pressure vessels and equipment, counting tens of thousands of high quality products for petrochemical, refining, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, shipping and other areas, and our customers are scattered all over china.
Besides normal carbon steel, stainless steel, dual-phase steel in metal materials and welding, we also have tremendous design and manufacturing ability in super dual-phase steel, hartz steel, monel, copper-nickel alloy and composite materials.
Our products main include: tubular heat exchanger, fin tube of air heat exchanger, after tube heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, piece of wing type/spiral wing condenser, waste heat boiler and other kind of pressure vessels.


The group has owned one production line that can produce 50 sets of waste drilling slurry equipment applied in environmental protection treatment, in which has four workshops separately for cutting, processing, welding and assembling, in which the production procedures including shear,-welding-blast cleaning, assembling and spraying under the automatic operation. 
The welding machine with high efficiency welding systems and the processing machine and equipment such as machine tools with digital control have been imported abroad.
The production quality management system has been certified by 09001: 2000 and API Q1 (American petroleum institute).
The group can produce various kinds of drilling treatment equipment and sewage environmental treatment equipment, and it has the capacity of producing environmental protection equipment.

Water treatment equipment manufacturing

The company has capacity and the certified permit for non-standard design, and manufacturing, and can provide the clients technical service, such as process design, layout, equipment installation and commissioning, etc. Ithas established business and cooperative achievements for the oilfield development, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, coal, wastewater and municipal sewage in which has offereda complete equipment package and technical service for the sewage treatment engineering.

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