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DongyingHuaxingChemical Co., Ltd.owns a technical service team that provides the drilling for oil and gas well with construction and technical services covering well-repairing, fracturing, acidizing, sand controlin conventional and  unconventional condition.
The company has possessed sophisticated equipmentfacilities and has had eligible technicians and professionals who have a lot of good project performance and proven results to independently undertake oil and gas well development and construction service.
The company holds the advanced international technologiesfor slurry water treatment at the first presence in China.

1、Waste Drilling Slurry Water Treatment and technical Services 


The group has achieved the "Treatment Facility Operation Permit for Environmental Pollution" granted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, and it undertakes various kinds of business activities around China that cover project construction and operation management for industrial waste water and solid waste that completely reach China national standards and requirements.
The group developed the project titled as "the waste drilling slurry environmental protection treatment technology development and application project" that has been appraised and approved by the Technology Department of Shandong Province, China as the conclusion that the technology has possessed International Advanced criteria nowadays(registered appraisal serial No.: 2011-154) that it is recognized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China as scientific achievement of environment protection (Certified serial No.: 20110056). One invention patent and five application patent in the project have been granted into effect.

2.  Well Repairing and CBM Fracturing Technical Service


The group has owned a professionally technical service team engaged in well repairing and CBM Fracturing construction for oil and gas wells in conventional and unconventional conditions.
The specialized Equipment and competent staff are dedicated to oil, shale gas natural gas etc. The group has had business relationship for coal gas, well repairing and CBM with CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation), Sinopec (China Petro-Chemical Corporation), China Yanchang Petroleum Group, etc. and rapidly expanded the strategic cooperation with other oil & gas service companies over years.

3. Well Drilling Fluid Technical Service 


The drilling fluid specialized in environmental protection protects the environment and meet the requirements of drilling fluid system for engineering. The group has developed drilling fluid, which has characteristics of no-toxic and harmless for environment and protection for oil layers and gas reservoirs, and includes the formate series and the PAM series. The reliability of these functions has been proved by laboratory project sites, and oil fields.

4.  Coal Gas CBM Fracturing Technical Service
In the year 2010, the group invested more than USD 20 million in the Hi-techspecialized equipment and facilities for construction in the oil, gas and coal fields. It has a certified construction team and has established the business and cooperation with SINOPEC, PETROChina, has completedhundreds of Wells fracturing constructionin BaoDeXian, QinShuiXian, Shanxi Province of China.
The group have boosted technical service, construction, operation activities up to outputtingcoal bed methane gas, and become integrated service providers

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