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Modern Logistics

DongyingShuntong Transportation Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, founded in July 1990, is one of the earliest logistics companies in Dongying City. The company haspossessedmore than 100 transport vehicles with the transportation capacity of more than 2 million metric tons annually.
It holds the transportation permit for general cargo and dangerous goods (dangerous cargo category: 3, 5and 8), and in 2013, it was officially accepted for Logistics Standardization Qualification by Shandong Provincial administrative authority.
The company continues to expand its business scopes integrated with transport, logistic, oil and chemicals sales, and its trading business, and becomes an integrated distribution service center.
The group has completed the dongying city logistics parkthat covers 500,000M2 for “China Nation Yellow Blue Strategy” in April 17, 2012. This park is aunified service center for commercial logistic and city logistic.

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