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Products and technology Reach & Development Center
Group’s R & D Centre was founded in 1998. With the introduction of talents and training of its staff, it boasts efficient product development and effective technical innovation in which there more than 23 staffs including 1 Ph.D, 6 masters, and 23 professionals and experts. The group hires 6well known experts and technical consultants domestic and abroad.
As the goal of “Scientific Research First, Market centered,the group actively develop and innovate the processes, the technologies, functions for the products of formateseries and polyacrylamide seriesand joins hands togetherwithexperts  and professionals from the scientific research institutes and universities at home and abroad and establishes long term,  strategically cooperative partnership.
The group has owned scores of patents and technical specialties of products and processes in which some stands as the leaders in the relevant industries. These products are mainly used in oil and gas, mineral separation, environmental protection, water treatment, paper making, coal washing, etc.

Green Chemical Research institute

Green Chemical Research institute at the Yellow River delta,located in Dongying city of Shandong province, the hub of "yellow blue economic zone", was jointly established by Shuntong (Group) Co., Ltd.And Beijing Chemical University and, and has collected hundreds of experts and professionals in chemical sector at home and abroad. It offers technical service and consultancy the economic construction and development in Dongying city, and yellow blue economic areas and bohai economic circle in Bohai Sea.

Four Main Functions:

Science and technology innovation platform

Focus on environmentally chemical technology, new materials, new energy, energy-saving optimization, chemical safety, basic and applied research to builds up environment for better original innovation and personnel training.

Bridgehead of new and high technology transfer: building a win-win platform, capital and technology to promote the depth of the combination of "production".


The arena for Hi-tech transfer: Establishing a win-win platform for capital and technology to promote better combination between knowledge and production.

The Forefront for International Cooperation: Attractinghigh-quality talentsat home and abroad, technology, capital, and management, etc. to promote industry upgrading.

Collaboration for win-win: Building service platform for enterprises to realize between the effective connection between enterprises, and between technology and market.

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